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Terms and conditions for ACE

Between VerlagAutomobil Wirtschaft (Pty) Ltd, trading as arvato SA
Street Address: 104 Algoa Road | Uitenhage 6229 | South Africa
(Here in after referred to as "arvato”) and the MBR

"arvato”: Verlag Automobil Wirtschaft(Pty) Ltd, trading as arvato SA, a company registered according to the Company Laws of the Republic of South Africa, registration number 2003/006635/07
"CSI”: Customer Service Index
"ACE”: The arvato Customer Experience System
"OEM”: Selected manufacturers whowill make use of ACE as part of their approved MBR programme.
"MBR”: A Motor Body Repairer authorized to repair the OEM’s vehicles or Independent Motor Body Repairer "EFT”: Electronic Funds Transfer

Section 1 – Terms


Section 2 - ACE Set Up

  • The ACE system will require a daily (weekly at least) customer data file (collected vehicles) emailed from a registered MBR workshop management system to [email protected] and must contain the following data fields:

Customer First Name

Vehicle Make

Date Job Started

Customer Email Address

Vehicle Model

Date Job Closed

Customer Cell number

Vehicle Reg No

Order No/Invoice No

Customer Land Line

Vehicle VIN No


  • Most mainstream MBR workshop management systems (Vantage - Dr Smash - CO3 Technologies - Easy Costing - TMS - Veculim) have the functionality to export customer and vehicle data seamlessly in excel and CSV format.
  • If you do not have a recognised MBR management system, Arvato will provide an excel template that can be manually emailed.
  • Please note that OEM approved MBR must use a registered system for CSI downloads.

Section 3 - ACE Operation

The ACE system will operate as follows:

  • Once a week each MBR will email/upload a customer data file to the ACE System. Refer to Section 2 for format and details required.
  • The ACE system receives the input files, checks the data quality and integrity, filters duplicates and stores the data into each individual MBR folder through a unique MBR code.
  • An automated email of data quality is generated back to the MBR, within minutes of the data upload.
  • After 24 hours, ACE generates a CSI questionnaire email link to all customers, who have given an email address, requesting their honest feedback. This email questionnaire lists weighted questions, allowing for MBR & Insurance performance to be measured.
  • Additionally, all customers who did not submit any email, will be called telephonically, in order to go through the short survey with one of our experienced call centre agents. Customers, who did not answer their email surveys within 24 hours, will also be phoned (we try calling up to 5 times).
  • Customer email responses & and phone responses are captured live into the system and scoring is updated within seconds online.
  • The minimum response rate for satisfaction surveys is 25%. This means that Arvato guarantees to obtain feedback from at least 25% of all customers per MBR every week.
  • The ACE system will generate a weekly report and a full month report and automatically email them to the respective MBR (and to the respective OEMs & insurance companies).
  • All the data gathered is held in a master database and various reports and analysis can be conducted.
  • MBR and OEM are able to access a variety of user friendly CSI reports via a secure on-line website. Statistics and results are available in easy dashboards, linked to individual customer feedback. Typical ACE feedback will show:
    • Usable samples size by MBR, MBR throughput per week, CSI response rate achieved by Arvato.
    • 2 separate key feedback sections: 1. Repair and 2. Insurance (both sections with a net promoter score and a wealth of information on perceived process quality & customer satisfaction).
    • Compare your MBR business to regional and national averages, with an open date range selection.
    • If there are complaints, you can log into the ACE detail sheets and track each individual customer feedback.
    • You can run reports to see your overall CSI, CSI for the OEM and even the CSI by various brands per OEM.
  • OEM using the ACE System will be able to view and extract comparative data across their base of “approved” MBR’s.

Section 4 - Fee Structure for OEM approved MBR