Arvato Bertelsmann customer experience


Q1.Who should belong to ACE?

A1. All Panel Shops who are interested in a CSI (Customer Survey Index). ACE will help you to understand if your clients are satisfied and it will enable you to align your business processes to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

Q2.What is the monthly fee?  

A2. The monthly fee is R780.00 excluding VAT.

Q3. Does the fee change if we have more than one OEM approval? 

A3. No, the fee does not change. You may have as many OEM approvals as you want on the ACE system. 

Q4.How does the reporting work? 

A4. Once a week your panel shop needs to send customer contact- & vehicle data to [email protected] At any time, your panel shop can log into the ACE system and review the scoring and comments. 

Q5. Will we be notified when our Body Repair Shop has received any bad customer comments?

A5. Yes you will receive an email once a week with the top and bottom line scores and with negative customer comments.

Q6. Will the prices increase in 2018?

No, the price will stay the same throughout 2018, even if additional features will be added to the system.

Q7. How will my Panel Shop benefit from using ACE?

Your panel shop can use the ACE data to identify and rectify problems (from the moment the client sets foot onto your premises the first time to the hand-over process of the repaired vehicle back to the client. 

Q8. How do I register to benefit from the ACE system?

A8. All you need to do is to send a brief email to [email protected] stating that you would like to use the ACE system. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 041 9955200.

Q9. How long is my contract duration?

A9. The contract will run indefinitely, until you decide to cancel it. 

Q10: How do I cancel?

A10. You can cancel in writing with a 3 month notice period, by emailing a signed letter of cancellation to [email protected] If you decide to cancel during your free trial month, the cancellation will be effective within 24 hours at no charge.

Q11: When will I be billed?

A11. You will receive an invoice on the first business day of each month. Payment is due within 5 business days thereafter. 

Q12. Why‘s my ACE score lower than it was on other CSI systems before?

A12. ACE uses different algorithms and code to determine your final score. Everyone on the ACE system is scored using the same algorithms and code. So if your score drops, it does not mean that your workmanship has

Q13. Will my repair data and my customers' data be safe on ACE?

A13. Yes, the ACE system is very secure and hosted on a top-security server. 

Q14. Will arvato pass on the repair information (vehicle data / customer data) to any third party, other than the respective OEM?  

A14. No, absolutely not. 

Q15. Will arvato pass on any MBR related information or any repair information to insurance companies? 

A15. No, Arvato will only gather data on the performance of the insurance and the assessor and pass these scores on to each insurer. No MBR information or repair information will be disclosed.

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